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Lynx Untamed Scrub Tops and Scrub Pants

As a general rule, we perform better when we feel better about ourselves both inside and out. Professionals in the medical industry often get so used to putting themselves first that they neglect to care for their own needs and desires. At Lydia’s Uniforms, our wish is for healthcare professionals everywhere to have a quality and stylish uniform that will keep you looking and feeling great during an arduous shift at the hospital or clinic.

Ask any nurse or physician and they will tell you that they practically live in their nursing scrubs. For this reason, comfort and fit is important when shopping for a uniform. Lynx Untamed is made with VersaTech Fit Technology and 4-way stretch, making for scrubs that move with your body. Once you adjust to the contour provided by the stretch in our untamed unleashed scrub top, you will find it difficult to go back to your generic cotton nursing scrubs. The scrub top is designed to give you ultimate mobility, which is extremely important for nurses who are constantly working hands-on with their patients. What makes Lynx Untamed different from traditional scrubs? Based on looks and touch, you will almost feel as though you are wearing athletic wear. The Lynx Untamed line offers stretch and a flattering fit that will help you feel feminine and professional. Lynx Untamed offers traditional designs with a minimal design and clean lines, available in a number of different colors.

The Lynx Untamed line is perfect for that healthcare professional who worries about comfort and practicality. You can rest assured that the Lynx Untamed scrub top and bottom has an intuitive design, with pockets where you need them on the tops and bottoms, perfect for holding a cell phone, hospital ID, or even medical instruments or a stethoscope. With dependable, quality pieces in your wardrobe, you can focus on the real work of your job without stress.